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julesgirltalk: 1999
julesgirltalk Regular
Version 1.25, third release, 1999
julesgirltalk is a trademark of julesart.
julesgirltalk © 1999 julesart

Julesgirltalk was designed with my teenage neices in mind. I thought it would be funky to have the whole alphabet in lower case and have little pictures instead of upper case, which could be typed out and included in between sentences or even as a kind of secret code. If you love this font, please check out the julesart website, which specialises in artyfarty stuff.

This font kerned and spaced by Rolf Skyberg. mailto:
Urgent Artwork
Use of julesart fonts:
julesart fonts are letterware, which is like shareware except that it would be cool if whoever wants to use them could write a letter using the fonts and then send it from where ever they are in the world to my 4 year old daughter, who is interested in stamps.

Her address is:
Felicity Pearce
c/o Urgent Artwork
PO Box 207
Levin 5500
New Zealand

If you love these fonts, please join the julesart
announcement list, to find out when new fonts are

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